Our precision begins at the point where others have to give up.

As a competence center for plastic injection technology, we produce customer-specific plastic parts and mechatronic component assemblies with micro-precision. We develop and manufacture the tools and molds that are required for this purpose in state-of-the-art CNC machining centers and with qualified manual work at our own facilities.  


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Our Technologies

  • Injection molding and transfer molding of thermoplastic and thermosetting molding materials in 2K and 3K
  • Media-tight overmolding of electronics, magnets and sensors
  • Casing of inserts made of steel, aluminum, ceramics and plastics with thermosetting plastics
  • Manufacturing of inductive parts
  • Installing parts and component assemblies
  • Overmolding of circuit paths
  • Reel to reel manufacturing
  • Printed circuit board assembly

Our Experience

  • Electronic elements and semiconductors
  • Precision-molded parts for household appliances
  • Antenna systems, multimedia, connectors and sensors
  • Electronics and optoelectronics
  • Automotive
  • Medical engineering and sanitary engineering
  • Solar industry
  • Mechatronics and the like

We would be happy to show you our range of sample parts.