Printed circuit board assembly in conjunction with manual winding technology

If outsourcing for the assembly of printed circuit boards with predominantly inductive parts is an issue for you, you should contact us.
With our electronics manufacturing facility in Asia, which is under German management, combined with our injection molding and fully automatic coil winding technology for inductors, we offer you specialties that combine manual and automated assembly in small to medium series in a manner that is both efficient and cost-effective.

Our subsidiary works according to German standards

Our electronics manufacturing facility in Asia is designed for personnel-intensive manual work and automated assembly processes for customer-specific printed circuit boards. On the one hand, we have specialists there for responsible manual assembly according to specified customer layouts and, on the other hand, we have installed fully automatic assembly machines and state-of-the-art testing systems with fully automatic broadband measurement of 4 MHz to 2.4 GHz, and can thereby guarantee German standards at market-driven prices. Of course, we also process parts supplied by you.


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Our services related to the efficient and cost-effective manufacture of printed circuit boards:

  • Assembly: SMT and THT combined with the most diverse component assemblies
  • Soldering: Reflow soldering, vapor phase soldering, wave soldering, selective soldering
  • Check: Final check of all elements and solder joints
  • Varnishing/casting: Casting and varnish selection according to customer requirements
  • Just in time: Warehousing and delivery according to customer requirements