Inductive elements

Automation and manual work – our perfect combination to produce inductive elements. Our high vertical range of manufacture enables us to supply our customers with finished component assemblies starting from a line of samples up to large-scale production, from injection molding to overmolding, coil winding machines with two to six spindles, casting stations and manual workstations.
For coils of the E6,3, RM4 and ER11 series, we are equipped with automatic manufacturing systems, which we can also flexibly retool for other designs.
The majority of the inductors are manufactured by our subsidiaries in Saxony and Asia. Here, the advantage for our customers lies in the market-driven price-performance ratio, which we achieve by means of the cost-effective combination of difficult manual work in conjunction with semi-automatic and fully automatic installation stations and automated testing of parts.

Our services

    • Plastic injection molding
    • Winding with wire to generate inductors
    • Casting (2K cast resin)
    • Installation with soldering, joining, gluing, screwing, snapping, clamping, compression, etc.
    • Welding
    • Color coding
    • Printings


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