Plastic injection molding

Our core competence - the smallest and medium-sized plastic injection-molded parts with micro-precision

In all sectors of the industry, whether it be automotive, medical, electronics or optics, the requirements for precision plastic components are becoming more and more demanding. We have been involved in this process for years and have specialized our machinery in this field. For instance, we work with horizontal and vertical spraying machines from ARBURG and DEMAG, the world market leaders. We also manufacture parts in 2K and 3K. This enables us to produce small, medium and extremely large quantities efficiently and cost-effectively with a micro-precision of less than 0.03 mm.
The range is rounded off with transfer molding presses for low pressure compression molding compounds and manufacturing cells with robot-supported peripherals and vertical form closure.


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Our materials:

We generally process all standard thermoplastics such as ABS, PP, PA, PC, etc.


    • PPS-Polyphenylene sulfide
    • PEEK-Polyesteretherketone
    • LCP-Liquid Crystal Polymer
    • TPE-Thermoplastic Elastomers
    • Electrically conductive plastics

    Thermosetting Plastics

      • Epoxy, Silicone, Melamine
      • PF molding compounds
      • Low pressure compounds

      For quality assurance of our products, we work with visual inspection, series testing systems, and specially developed customer-specific testing stations.

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